Erik Paulsen & Terri Bonoff

CD3 Paulsen Bonoff Debate – Captioned Video and Transcript

Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi were not in the room, but they were certainly talked about a lot in the first debate in what promises to be a hard fought campaign in Minnesota’s third congressional district.

Terri Bonoff

Bonoff Stumps For DFL Congressional Endorsement In GOP District

State Senator Terri Bonoff probably could have easily won another term in the Minnesota legislature. But she says because the stakes are so high nationally, she is seeking the DFL endorsement for Congress in Minnesota’s third district.

Senator Barb Goodwin objects to gun bill

Objections To MN Gun Bill Fail

Senator Barb Goodwin raises objections to H.F. 1467 Defense of Dwelling and Person Act.
She says it should have another hearing since a New York Times article showed that Minnesota has problems with felons easily getting back their firearms once they are released from prison.