Governor Tim Pawlenty, Politically Retired, But Offers Advice

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty had no earth shattering announcements about his future on Friday, but he did have a story about a wild Porsche ride with Jesse Ventura and some advice for current Governor Mark Dayton and legislative leaders.

Gun Fight: Can Minnesota Have a Fair Gun Debate at Gunpoint?

What if they gave a debate about guns in society and there were no guns in the room?

Minnesota may never know what that would look like.

Last week’s series of hearings in the Minnesota State Capitol on legislation to reduce gun violence had an unintended and unforeseen outcome: Guns in society wasn’t the most pressing issue. Guns in the Capitol was.

Pawlenty Drops Out Of Presidential Race

Third place in the Republican Iowa straw poll was apparently not good enough for former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Today in a private conference call with supporters Pawlenty disclosed his plans to drop out of the race

DFL: Pawlenty Left Minnesota Holding The Bag

As Minnesota’s legislature struggles to solve the biggest deficit in the state’s history, its former Governor, Tim Pawlenty is in neighboring Iowa to announce he is running for President. Minnesota’s Democratic Farmer Labor Party Chair Ken Martin traveled to Des Moines today to answer questions about Pawlenty’s record. Martin had a lot to tell.

Rally for Egyptian people at Minnesota State Capitol

Today’s UpTake: Battles in Egypt, Budgets in MN

Follow The UpTake today and this week as we broadcast news of budget battles here in Minnesota and the battle for democracy on the streets of Egypt. As we have all month, we’ll continue to provide livestreams of legislative turf wars between the Republican-controlled State House and Senate, and Governor Dayton’s office.

2011 Legislative Session

MN House Passes $1 Billion Budget Cutting HF130

This evening the Minnesota House passed HF130, which would take a $1 billion slice out of the state’s projected $6.2 billion budget shortfall by cutting $181 million in spending and reducing the next two-year budget by $822 million. Governor Dayton will likely veto the bill.

State Rep. Knuth Defends Next Generation Energy Act

Minnesota State Rep. Kate Knuth (DFL – New Brighton) today released the following statement opposing HF 72, a bill that would repeal a key element of the Next Generation Energy Act passed in 2007 and signed into law by former Governor Tim Pawlenty. HF 72, which was presented and discussed in the House Energy committee today, would repeal bipartisan provisions that limited new electricity from coal until the state adopts a comprehensive plan to offset emissions that contribute to climate change.