DFL Gubernatorial Primary Looms Despite Swanson Not Running

“There will be a primary and I’ll defend my endorsement in it,” said Rep. Tim Walz after former St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman said he hadn’t decided yet if he would abide by the DFL gubernatorial endorsement process.

Hagedorn Echoes Trump-Style Talking Points In CD1 Debate

Black Lives Matter is “extreme,” and the federal government needs to focus on preventing “Islamic terrorists” from voting or even entering the U.S.— just some of the positions held both by Republican congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

17 Debates That Could Determine Minnesota’s Future

In a campaign there is nothing bigger than a face-to-face debate between the candidates. This election season, The UpTake will bring you coverage of 17 of those debates that could determine who wins the election and ultimately determines Minnesota’s future.

Congressional Candidate Backs Down After Earmark Challenge

Senator Mike Parry, who is running as a Republican in Minnesota’s first congressional district offers up what appears to be an “earmark” in Minnesota’s transportation bill to fix a road he is concerned about. After he is challenged about earmarks, he withdraws his proposal.