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Poll: Minnesota Wants Less Restrictive Medical Marijuana Law

Minnesota Capitol- Summer

Minnesotans may not be ready to legalize marijuana for recreational use, but they do apparently want a less restrictive medical marijuana law that would allow patients to smoke marijuana, particularly if that’s the only way to get medical relief. That’s one of many issue findings in an unscientific, but well-read Minnesota Senate poll Continue Reading →

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DFL Leaders Agree To Minimum Wage Hike, Deny “Horsetrading” On Building Deal

Minimum Wage Agreement Announcement

After months of negotiations, DFL leaders from the House and Senate announced an agreement raising Minnesota’s minimum wage to $9.50 an hour by 2016. The agreement also includes automatic increases in the minimum wage based on inflation. Continue Reading →

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Brother Ali Sings, Workers Rally To “Raise The Wage” In Minnesota


Hundreds of people carried signs and wore “Raise the Wage” T-shirts in the State Capitol, dancing while Brother Ali sang and established a tone of jubilant expectation for a rally calling on Legislators to raise Minnesota’s minimum wage. Continue Reading →

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Replay – Dayton Addresses Joint Legislative Conf. for MN Cities, Counties, School Boards, Townships

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton's Official Photo

Governor Mark Dayton and other political luminaries will speak this morning at the Joint Legislative Conference for Minnesota Cities, Counties, School Boards, and Townships at the Crowne Plaza Riverfront Hotel in downtown St. Paul. Continue Reading →

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GOP All-Cuts Budget Targets Called “Fake”, “Silly” and Lacking Fiscal Discipline

2011 Legislative Session

“Despite their rhetoric of ‘no new taxes’, Republicans are proposing huge tax increases on every homeowner and renter in the state,” DFL Senator John Marty said today at a joint news conference with Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk. Continue Reading →

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