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Today’s UpTake: Governor-Elect Dayton Appears with Pawlenty

Governor-Elect Mark Dayton

Today, five weeks and two days after the Nov. 2 election, former Democratic Senator Mark Dayton is now officially Governor-Elect Mark Dayton. As such, he’ll appear today at 2:45 p.m. in the Governors Reception Room at the State Capitol with Minnesota’s soon-to-be outgoing Governor Tim Pawlenty. Continue Reading →

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Magnuson Says the Recount Worked


At the Minnesota State Canvassing Board meeting yesterday, during which the Board certified the gubernatorial election results, Republican Tom Emmer’s attorney Eric Magnuson said that, by and large, the 2010 election recount worked — despite criticism of the recount voiced by others on Emmer’s team. Continue Reading →

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Today’s UpTake: Emmer Withdraws Over 2,500 Frivolous Challenges


Minnesota gubernatorial candidates Tom Emmer and Mark Dayton’s legal teams convened at the Hennepin County Government Center Saturday morning to review thousands of frivolous ballot challenges made by the Emmer team during last week’s statewide recount. Continue Reading →

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