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Inquest into Death of Milwaukee Man in Police Car Resumes After Week of Clashes

Shawnda Shumpert, Derek Williams' aunt, and Grace Kelly, the mother of Williams' girlfriend, recoil as video of Williams' death in the back seat of a Milwaukee police car is shown at the inquest into his death.  (Photo by Rick Wood, courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

The inquest into the death of Derek Williams while in the custody of Milwaukee police resumes today after a week when seven police officers refused to testify and conflicting testimony was taken from medical professionals, family members and eyewitnesses. The inquest into the 2011 death of the 22-year-old father of three, who collapsed and died in the back of a police car, is expected to conclude after a day or two of additional testimony. But whether the inquest will answer the concerns of his family and community activists who believe Williams was the victim of police misconduct, remains as unclear as ever.  

The inquest was called after a Milwaukee County Medical Examiner changed the classification of Williams’ death from natural causes to homicide, sparking months of protests in Milwaukee against police misconduct that family and community members believe was the cause of Williams’ death. (more…) Continue Reading →

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American Indians, Evironmentalists Fight Weakened Wisconsin Mining Regulations

Click image to watch video of the "Idle No More" rally

More than 350 people gathered in the cold at the Wisconsin State Capitol this week to protest a proposed change in state mining regulations that environmentalists and Native Americans fear will pollute streams and waters near Lake Superior. Continue Reading →

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Footage from Tractor Parade Around Wisconsin State Capitol on Saturday

Farmers Rally In Madison Wisconsin

The UpTake’s Jacob Wheeler hitched a ride on a vintage firetruck that led the parade of tractors to the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison on Saturday — a rally against Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s policies, which over 150,000 people attended. Continue Reading →

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Gov. Walker’s Budget Repair Bill Will Most Adversely Affect Wisconsin Minorities


Although it has not been on the forefront in the media, Gov. Scott Walker’s “Budget Repair Bill” will be most detrimental to the minority communities of Wisconsin and have a powerful effect on workers’ rights nationwide. Continue Reading →

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Did Wisconsin GOP Senator Hopper’s Estranged Wife Sign Recall Petition Against Him?


Some of those clipboard-carrying demonstrators were met with quite a shock that day in Fond Du Lac, an hour and a half north of Madison, at the home of State Senator Randy Hopper, who reportedly worked closely with Walker on the unpopular legislation. Continue Reading →

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WI Gov Walker Warns MN Gov Dayton Against Supporting His Bill

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R)

Asked yesterday whether Minnesota’s Democratic Governor Mark Dayton ought to support Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker’s controversial anti-public sector worker bill, Walker told a reporter with a snicker that Dayton ought to know what else is in the bill first before supporting it. Continue Reading →

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Canadian Unionists From Alberta Union of Provincial Employees Join Madison Protest

Click on Photo to Read Timeline of Wisconsin Uprising Against Gov. Scott Walker

Officials from the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, Glen Scott and Trevor Zimmerman joined the demonstrations in Madison, Wisconsin, this past weekend to learn how organized labor is joining hands here in the Lower 48. Continue Reading →

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Wisconsin Sen. Chris Larson: Gov. Walker is a Corporate Puppet


Wisconsin State Senator Chris Larson, a member of the “Wisconsin 14″, told TheUpTake’s Tracey Pollock that, at first, he and his colleagues believed whispers that Gov. Scott Walker would seek to eliminate collective bargaining rights for public sector employees were mere rumors. Continue Reading →

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Congressman Kucinich Sees an Ascendant Labor Movement in Madison


Following his appearance as part of an all-star progressive lineup at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison tonight, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich (Dem.) spoke to The UpTake’s Jacob Wheeler about the resurgent labor movement in Wisconsin and elsewhere. Continue Reading →

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Shouts of “Shame” as Wisconsin Republicans Pass Anti-Union Bill Through Assembly

Democratic Members of the Wisconsin Assembly

Protesters seated in the rafters yelled “Shame”, and orange-clad Democrats stood and tried to stop the bill, as Speaker Fitzgerald and the Republicans rammed Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-union legislation through the Wisconsin State Assembly this afternoon. Continue Reading →

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Cancer Doesn’t Deter Woman from Sleeping in Wisconsin State Capitol

Click on Photo to Read Timeline of Wisconsin Uprising Against Gov. Scott Walker

Luciano from Brazen Video Productions interviewed Rudy Fox inside the Wisconsin State Capitol earlier this week, before a judge ordered the remaining demonstrators out. Despite stage 4 colon cancer, reports Luciano, Fox slept in the Capitol for a week and a half straight, drumming, dancing and chanting with other protesters. Continue Reading →

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Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman Addresses Madison Labor Struggle and Media Coverage

Click on Photo to Read Timeline of Wisconsin Uprising Against Gov. Scott Walker

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now spoke at the Orpheum Theater in Madison, Wisconsin, this past weekend. She drew parallels between Tahrir Square in Cairo and the takeover the Wisconsin State Capitol, and the mainstream media coverage of those two revolutions. Continue Reading →

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Wisconsin GOP Senator Schultz Calls Walker’s Union-Busting “Classic Overreach”

Click on Photo to Read Timeline of Wisconsin Uprising Against Gov. Scott Walker

This morning, Wisconsin Republican State Senator Dale Schultz — who is rumored to be considering voting against Governor Scott Walker’s union-busting “budget bill” — spoke to Scott Thompson at WEKZ radio in Monroe, Wis. Continue Reading →

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