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This is a place where we gather questions that candidates or public officials should be asked. For a question to be included here they should not contain baseless accusations, ad-hominem attacks, hypothetical situations, straw man arguments, or non-scientific research. Questions can be directed at a particular person or a group of people (candidates for Governor as an example). If you have a suggestion for one, send it to info at the uptake dot org. If it meets the above criteria, we’ll post it here and link to any responses.

Candidates For Minnesota Governor

All candidates: Sunday the Star Tribune reported how debt collectors can start a lawsuit against consumers without filing anything in court. If a consumer doesn’t respond, they can seize bank accounts or part of a paycheck.  Most states require judicial oversight, but in Minnesota, collectors can take people’s money without proving in court the debt is owed.  Should that be changed?

What should have government done differently to avoid the economic mess we are in?

Herbert Hoover  said “It is just as important that business keep out of government as that government keep out of business.” -Do you agree?

Mark Dayton

Mark Dayton - Campaign Photo

Specific questions for Mark Dayton

Tom Emmer

Tom Emmer- House Photo

Specific questions for Tom Emmer

You’ve emphasized how important it is to listen to business leaders. The business community and the public don’t always agree on what is needed.  Which one should you listen to most?

You’ve said property taxes would not go up under your budget plan. Since the state doesn’t set property taxes, how would you prevent property taxes from going up?

Tom Horner- Campaign Photo

Tom Horner

Minnesota Elected Officials

MN Governor Tim Pawlenty

Governor Tim Pawlenty

Mark Dayton says he’s held 110 community meetings and he can count on one hand with fingers left over the number of people who have said to him that they’ve received better,more efficient or better quality services from state agencies than they did a decade ago.  Do you agree?  Why has quality of service not improved while you were governor?

Tom Emmer says 22 cabinet positions are too many.  Do you agree?  If so, why haven’t you changed that? How many of those positions were created by you?