Rep. Michele Bachmann: ANWR “Most Perfect Place On The Planet To Drill”

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(Please note the audio on this is bad at the beginning but gets better shortly into the video)

Norm Coleman cheer leads the crowd before a rally for John McCain in Blaine, Minnesota.


Rep. Michele Bachmann goes after Obama for writing his biography twice and then blames Democrats for blocking reform that could have prevented the current financial mess.


She says McCain wanted reform three years ago that would have prevented the economic collapse of the last week.


Bachmann says Obama hired the man who was the head of Fannie Mae the “corrupt organization that backed the mortgages” to head up his VP search committee. But she neglects to mention that Jim Johnson resigned from that position months before Obama picked his Vice President.


Bachmann also said the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is the “most perfect place on the planet to drill.”


“We believe first always and last that it’s about the United States of America, about God and country” Said Bachmann. She did not elaborate about which God she was referring to.



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