Vets To Feel Governor Pawlenty’s GAMC Cuts

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The real human cost of Governor Tim Pawlenty’s cuts to General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC) includes two military veterans. Freddy Toran and Gary Gunkel will lose their benefits in just a few days because the Governor vetoed the GAMC program funding.


The two explained to lawmakers how they rely on GAMC as a bridge to get them to their federal veterans benefits. Toran explained that he has glaucoma and without GAMC, he could go blind. Gunkel notes that not only did he serve in the Army during the Vietnam war, but his son is now serving in Afghanistan.


At the beginning of the video Catholic Charities Patrick Ness explains why charging even a little to people on GAMC is a huge hardship.


The testimony was given during the Senate Health and Human Services Committee budget hearing. It is considering a bill from Senator Linda Berglin that would extend GAMC funding.

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