Kelliher Proposes Property Tax Cap For Seniors

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Under the Tim Pawlenty administration, property taxes in Minnesota have soared as the state cut back the aid it gives local governments. Seniors have been hit hard by property tax increases because the taxes on their homes go up while their income goes down after retirement. DFL endorsed candidate for Governor Margaret Anderson Kelliher today proposed limiting property tax increases for people over 65 who make less than $100,000 a year or couples making less than $150,000 a year — capping them at the rate of inflation.

Kelliher met with the press and seniors to talk issues at the Sabathani Senior Center. Supporting her at the podium were her mother; and Lt. Gov. Candidate John Gunyou as well as former Vice President Walter Modale; former Sec. of State Joan Growe; and Representative Jeff Hayden 61B; and Representative Frank Hornstein, 60B.

Press Release from Margaret Anderson Kelliher Campaign

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – DFL-endorsed candidate for Governor Margaret Anderson Kelliher met with Minneapolis seniors today, announcing a seniors agenda that includes a capping property taxes at the rate of inflation for Minnesotans over the age of 65. The plan would help more than 90 percent of Minnesota seniors.

Kelliher was joined at Sabathani Senior Center in Minneapolis by Vice President Walter Mondale, Secretary of State Joan Growe, state Rep. Jeff Hayden, and her mother Elaine Anderson.

“For senior citizens on fixed incomes trying to pay for their groceries and prescription medicine, steep property tax increases have limited their ability to stay in their homes, live independently, or afford the retirement they deserve,” said Kelliher.

“Tim Pawlenty and Tom Emmer have been no friends to Minnesota senior citizens. Governor Pawlenty’s repeated cuts to LGA and his unwillingness to address the disparities in the current school funding formula have sent property taxes skyrocketing more than $3 billion over the last 8 years. Minnesota must and can do better for our seniors”

As Governor, Kelliher will deliver property tax relief for Minnesota seniors. Kelliher’s plan would cap property taxes for Minnesotans over 65. Seniors would be eligible if all of these conditions are met:

· If the property tax rate exceeds the rate of inflation

· For single persons age 65 and older who make less than $100,000 per year

· For couples (with one person 65 years and older) making less than $150,000 per year

“Minnesotans – from the youngest to the oldest – need a Governor who will stand up and fight for them,” said Kelliher. “I will be that Governor.”

Kelliher noted that one of her opponents, former Senator Mark Dayton, has proposed increasing taxes on senior citizens, and raising property taxes.

“The last thing Minnesota seniors need right now is to get hit with another round of tax increases,” said Kelliher. “That’s unfair, unreasonable, and irresponsible.”

Yesterday, in Duluth, the DFL Senior Caucus endorsed Kelliher for Governor.

“Minnesota seniors need a Governor who we can trust; a Governor who will finally address the challenges we face,” said chiar of the DFL Senior Caucus Don Bye. “Margaret Anderson Kelliher has always stood up and fought for us – and we know she will do the same as Governor. That’s why we are supporting Margaret for Governor.”

Kelliher’s policy agenda for senior citizens also includes:

· Appointing a cabinet-level advisor for Aging, Elderly, Vulnerable, and Disabled Minnesotans

· Protecting seniors from cuts to health care and nursing homes

· Supporting independence and mobility in every corner of the state

· Promoting and expanding programs that connect retirees with mentoring opportunities in our schools, universities, and state government

· Protecting the financial security of Minnesota’s aging population

“As Governor, I will do everything it takes to improve the lives of Minnesotans,” said Kelliher. “Ultimately, being Governor is about improving people’s lives, and drawing out the strengths of all Minnesotans to make our state an even better place to live. That is my commitment to the people of this state.”

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