How Will Target’s Political Spending Affect Your Spending?

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Profits Paying For Politics

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling allows corporations to pay for political advertising. But just because a company can do something, it doesn’t mean it should. Case in point: Target’s $150,000 donation to Minnesota Forward, a group that is promoting Republican Tom Emmer’s candidacy for Minnesota Governor. Target has come under criticism not only because Emmer’s politics are far-right, but also because of his association with anti-gay groups.

Last week The UpTake showed you how one woman was voting with her dollars and boycotting Target. How many other people are doing the same? Here’s your opportunity to help us find out. Sign up to take our survey. We’re asking if you approve of Target’s donation, how much you usually spend there per week, do you plan to change your spending because of the donation and how much you’ll be reducing (if any) your spending at Target.

When you sign up, you’ll get an email asking you to confirm that you did sign up. Once you reply to that, you’ll get a link to the survey. It may take several hours to get the survey link because the process is not automated and our volunteers are sending them out. We’ll be updating the results of our survey daily for the next few weeks. Feel free to let others know of the survey and have them sign up here too.

The point here is to somehow quantify the dollar impact of Target’s donation on its bottom line. Your help in covering this story is appreciated!

Survey Results as of August 6, 2010 7 AM CT

Survey Results 270 Responses Aug 6, 2010 7 AM CT
Approve of Target’s Donation Yes 5.2% No 94.8%
Will spend less at Target? Yes 89.55% No 10.45%
Consumer Dollars Not being spent at Target Per Week

$7,688 – $10,388

Projected annual

$399,776 – $540,176

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