“Moderate” Paulsen Gets Flak Over Right-Wing Votes

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By Bill Sorem
Minnesota 3rd district incumbent Congressman Erik Palsen had one of his infrequent Town Hall meetings Monday, August 2, in Edina, Minnesota. Paulsen has preferred telephone meetings to face-to-face gatherings. A crowd of perhaps 150 met in the Southview School auditorium. About 2/3 of the audience was clearly critical of the congressmen elected as a moderate Republican. Issues raised were war funding, restoring tax cuts for the wealthy (Paulsen preferred to refer to the cut restoration as a tax on small business), his strong right wing stance on climate, health care and similar issues. He repeated his claim that the top 1% of taxpayers provide 40% of total taxes so they don’t need any more taxes.

A very long introduction and long answers to the first questions irritated many as the allotted hour evaporated quickly. I did stick around for small group questions. His November opponent, DFL endorsed Jim Meffort was there, asked no questions but was the first stop an attending journalist made as the formal meeting closed.

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