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All you need to know about politics today.

Minnesota primary looms just 5 days away, campaigning heats up

Republican Tom Emmer told a Farmfest crowd that he voted for E20.  Not so says his DFL opponent Margaret Anderson Kelliher.  Who’s right? We sort it out here with the video clips and the real voting records.

“Politically radioactive” is a phrase the Star Tribune is using to describe DFL State Senator Satveer Chaudhary.  So why is DFL Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller out door-knocking for the man accused of using his office to improve the fishing on a lake where he owns a cabin?   Mike Kaszuba of the Strib has the story.

There’s quite a crowd running to be a Ramsey County District Court judge.  But only two of the nine candidates are going to make it past the August 10th primary. More from Twin Cities Daily Planet’s Lawrence Schumacher.

Target’s $150,000 political donation to right-leaning MN Forward could turn Minnesota’s Governors’ race into a national battleground says Jon Collins at the Minnesota Independent.

Is Governor Tim Pawlenty picking out a thank you note for Nancy Pelosi?

Pawlenty’s budget mess could get partially bailed out by House Democrats reports the Strib.

One of Governor Pawlenty’s leading spokespersons on education landed a $5,000 consulting contract from the State Department of Education just three days after she left it as deputy commissioner.  More from the Star Tribune.

In a move that won’t win him any votes for President from Spanish-speaking portions of the nation, Governor Pawlenty said Minnesota should consider making English its official language… which would save on translation costs.

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