Today’s UpTake -Upset In Minnesota 2nd Congressional District

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Shelley Madore Wins Primary To Face Rep. John Kline

Madore to face Kline

Shelley Madore delivered a surprise to the Minnesota DFL party on Tuesday night. Madore, not DFL-endorsed candidate Dan Powers will be on the November ballot against Republican Congressman John Kline. Madore scored a decisive 10 percentage point victory over Powers in the DFL primary. Madore, a former state representative, got into the race later than Powers and lost the endorsement to him at CD2 DFL convention after several ballots. At the time she said she would back Powers, but a short time later announced she would run against him in the primary.

Other notable results

Chatter about Steven Baker being a right-wing candidate in non-partisan clothing may have been one of the reasons he didn’t make past yesterday’s primary for 1st District Court Judge. Baker ran an aggressive campaign and schmoozed both Democrats and Republicans. The race was seen as a wide open one since the incumbent Tim Blakely was given a six month suspension following allegations he received a $63,500 discount on his divorce costs in exchange for funneling mediation business to his personal lawyer. Blakely still finished first and will be face Larry Clark in the November general election.

Senator Satveer Chadhary could not overcome the loss of his DFL endorsement and lost his primary to Barbara Goodwin. Chadhary had been reprimanded by the Senate for his involvement to secure fishing restrictions on Fish Lake Reservoir, where he owns a cabin.

GOP fears of Anderson and two tight primary races when you continue reading.

Former St Paul Police Chief John Harrington emerged as the victor in a very crowded race for retiring Senator Mee Moua’s seat.

A very tight DFL primary race in St. Paul’s House District 65A goes to Rena Moran over Jeremiah Ellis. It is likely Moran will become the first African American to represent St. Paul in the legislature.

Perennial candidate with the very Minnesotan name Sharon Anderson came close, but did not defeat the Republican endorsed candidate for Attorney General Chris Barden. Republicans were worried that with the light turnout in the GOP race, Barden might lose just because people would vote for Anderson because of her name.

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