The Other 98% Badger McCollum and Franken

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by Bill Sorem

Corporate interests represent just two percent of the nation’s population, but corporations pay most of the lobbyists in Washington, DC. Now under the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, corporations are free to spend money directly on elections, potentially drowning out the voices of the other 98 percent.

That’s why organized rallies in St. Paul, on Wednesday to take requests to Congresswoman Betty McCollum  and Senator Al Franken to sign on the Other 98% petition. This petition asks for moving toward a Constitutional amendment to revoke corporation personhood and pass “Fair Elections Now” to provide public financing and a lobbyist reform act.
93 degree heat didn’t dampen enthusiasm of the faithful. The national effort has some 400,000 plus signed petitions. Local signed petitions were delivered to the two offices.

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