Blowing Up A Cold War Era Radio Tower

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Budget cuts and better technology sealed the fate of a radio tower that’s been providing navigation signals near the Russia/Alaska border since 1960. Congress voted to cut the Long Range Aids To Navigation (LORAN-C) project in the 2010 budget after it was determined it wasn’t needed as a back up to Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology.

Shutting down LORAN-C will save $36 million in fiscal 2010 and $190 million over five years, according to the Office of Management and Budget.

In this video you see the Coast Guard demolishing the 625-foot Long Range Aids to Navigation tower in Attu home of the westernmost Coast Guard unit in Alaska. Due to the deteriorating condition and with no funding for repairs, the stations 625-foot LORAN tower was becoming an ever-increasing risk of uncontrolled collapse. Video from the US Coast Guard.

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