Emmer’s Budget Plan Wasn’t Officially Vetted, Says State Revenue Commissioner

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Republican Candidate for Minnesota Governor Tom Emmer says the MN Department of Revenue reviewed his budget. Monday and Tuesday He challenged his DFL opponent Mark Dayton to do the same.

“Take it to the Department of Revenue, they do have the computer modeling. They can do it for you. And then show Minnesota that your plan works.” said Emmer. “Our numbers are backed up and they’re checked.”

However, according to the Star Tribune, the Department of Revenue never officially reviewed Emmer’s numbers. State Revenue Commissioner Ward Einess told the Star Tribune that Emmer’s proposal never got vetted by number-crunching computers.

Einess says he spent a couple hours over the Labor Day weekend reviewing Emmer’s plan against existing information, calling it an “on-the-fly” review, but not anything official.

(Video: Emmer challenges Dayton and IP candidate Tom Horner to send their budgets to the Minnesota Department of Revenue for computer modeling, something he himself has not done)

Michael McIntee

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