New Stadium Political Football

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Just as the game of football is full of blocks, it seems there are many blocks — as in impediments —  to a new Minnesota Vikings stadium : A $6 billion  deficit, a divided state legislature, a list of high priorities to fix, like General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC), Transportation, Early Childhood Education…

But all three candidates for Minnesota Governor have pledged to work for a new stadium.

I listened to Independence Party candidate Tom Horner, and many Vikings fans, before today’s game, and heard near universal support for a new stadium. But I also met a couple fans who questioned the need for one, and the use of any public money for it.

The homeless men I met on the way to the game — the ones that didn’t even know there was a game today — they wouldn’t go on camera with me, and they admitted they didn’t even know we needed a new stadium. I’m not so sure we’re going to fix, GAMC, Transportation, or Early Childhood Ed, But I think we will get a new stadium. — Craig Stellmacher, The Uptake