What Is The Future Of News?

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Salon Media Group Chief Executive Officer Richard Gingras has been with the company since it started in 1995, making it the oldest “new media” company on the face of the planet. Salon, old media companies and new media companies are all facing the same problem/opportunity. New ways for people to get news such as Facebook and Twitter are disrupting the revenue models for media. So how do you embrace that disruption? That was the focus of “The Future Of News” discussion at SoCap2010 in San Francisco.

Also speaking were Vice President, General Manager of Link TV, Wendy Hanamura and The Media Consortium’s Project Director Tracy Van Slyke. Hanamura explains what Link TV is doing to take advantage of the changing media environment. Van Slyke explains how The Media Consortium helps many independent media organizations navigate the changing media scene.

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Wendy Hanamura – Vice President, General Manager, Link TV offers her vision of the “future of news” during SoCap2010 in San Francisco, CA

Tracy Van Slyke – Project Director, The Media Consortium, explains what her group does and why it is so important to the future of news.

Michael McIntee

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