Mozilla On Keeping The Web Open

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With Firefox, technologists around the world pitched in to break the Microsoft browser monopoly and re-spark innovation on the web. Now, Mozilla is encouraging media makers to pitch in too. The plan: 1) grab hold of tools like HTML5 video; 2) create, innovate and reshape cinema, news, etc. and 3) make the web more awesome (and open) as we go.

Mark Surman – Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation Mozilla uses mass participation to move markets and keep the web open. He made this presentation at the Socap 2010 conference in San Francisco as part of the “Embrace Disruption” mini conference.

Michael McIntee

Michael McIntee is a former network TV news executive with more than 30 years of broadcasting experience. He began his broadcasting career at the University of Minnesota's student radio station. He is an expert producer, writer, video editor who has a fondness for new technology but denies that he is a geek. More about Michael McIntee »

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