Suicides, Not Politics, Motivating Anti-Bullying Legislation

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Senator Scott Dibble wanted to see anti-bullying legislation passed during Minnesota’s special session. With seven suicides in one school district linked to bullying of gay or lesbian teens, Senator Dibble sees that the need to stop bullies in schools is just as urgent as the need to provide  relief to cities, towns and businesses wiped out by tornados and flooding.

However, the politics of the special session did not allow his bill be to seriously considered. The DFL leadership made it clear that the disaster relief would be the only topic of the session. Senator Dibble can accept that. But what he can’t accept is innuendo that he is pushing the anti-bullying bill as part of election-year and Gubernatorial campaign politics. He said that is not true.

DFL leaders today put out a statement indicating that the anti-bullying legislation will be a priority when the next legislative session begins in January 2011.

Michael McIntee

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