Ramsey, Anoka, Dakota, Hennepin Counties Call For Supreme Court To Dismiss GOP Challenge

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Ramsey, Anoka, Dakota and Hennepin Counties today urged the Minnesota Supreme Court to dismiss the gubernatorial recount petition filed by the state’s Republican Party earlier this week that sought to correct alleged errors and omissions regarding the number of ballots counted in the Nov. 2 election. The results two and a half weeks ago gave Democrat Mark Dayton a lead of nearly 8,800 votes over Republican Tom Emmer. The letter submitted to the court today by Ramsey County attorneys Susan Gaertner and Darwin Lookingbill states the following:

“Ramsey County urges this Court to dismiss the Petition in this matter because officials in Ramsey County and throughout the State of Minnesota have taken appropriate action to reconcile the number of votes counted and certified through local canvassing boards with the number of individuals who voted on Election Day. The petitioner’s argument is fundamentally flawed because they rely on a statute that uses obsolete language that is inconsistent with modern day election practices. If the statute if interpreted in the context of contemporary terminology, there is little question that the procedures used by Ramsey County and other jurisdictions are in accord with the law. As a result, there is no error or omission that needs to be corrected.”

In their brief, Gaertner and Lookingbill conclude that:

“The Petitioner seeks to disenfranchise Minnesota voters in precincts where the votes tabulated do not exactly correspond to the number of voter receipts or polling place roster signatures. The argument in support of their effort is flawed in its reliance on outdated terminology. The evidence presented does not support a claim of any “error” or “omission” As a result the Petition should be dismissed.”

Parties have until 4 p.m. today to file briefs with the Minnesota Supreme Court regarding the Republican Petition. The Court has not yet announced whether it will hold a hearing on Monday afternoon concerning the matter. If it does, The UpTake will be there to broadcast it live.

See the entire Ramsey Count letter here:


Anoka and Hennepin counties’ briefs are similar. View them here too:
Anoka Response

And Secretary of State Mark Ritchie’s office also filed a brief to the throw out the GOP petition:

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