Ruling: Candidates $’s Donated To Recount, Don’t Count

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The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Disclosure Board has cleared the way for the Tom Emmer and Mark Dayton campaigns to easily donate money to their own recount funds. The Board ruled that such donations are not campaign expenses, and therefor do not count towards the limits on campaign expenditures. The ruling came during an emergency meeting of Minnesota’s Campaign Finance and Disclosure Board. The “Dayton Transition Fund” had requested the opinion.

The board’s opinion said:

The Board recognizes that while important to an election, a recount effort happens after voting in the election has concluded. A recount of ballots will ascertain the result of the election, but it will not influence that election.

The Board concludes that a contribution to a fund established to support a candidate’s participation in a recount of ballots affecting that candidate’s election should be, and hereby is, recognized as a noncampaign disbursement.

This is an audio feed of today’s vote:

All four of the board members present voted to accept the advisory opinion.

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