Emmer Not Likely To Challenge Recount If He Loses

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Tom Emmer on election night

Tom Emmer on election night

Republican candidate for Minnesota Governor Tom Emmer indicates if the scheduled recount of the election doesn’t go his way, he would not challenge the results in court if it is clear he cannot win.  However Emmer says if the recount uncovers irregularities such as more ballots than voters, he might make a court challenge.

The Pioneer Press’ Bill Salisbury reports Emmer made the comments in an interview at Republican Party Headquarters.

Emmer’s key quotes from the Pioneer Press story

“I don’t want to put myself or others through a futile process.”

On a court challenge if there are no irregularities found in the recount: “If not and we’re on the short end, we’re done.”

“We have no idea what the outcome will be after the recount. I don’t know what’s going to happen next week. I don’t think anybody does.”

“This is not just about this election. It’s about future ones.”

“I’m trying to assure everyone this is not by any means an attempt to delay the process,” he said. “We want it done quickly (and) efficiently, but we also want it done so that people know the system worked.”

“We’re prepared to govern if, in fact, that is what the result of the recount is,” he said. “I firmly believe this is what the good Lord has prepared me to do for the last 30 years. …

“I will not be presumptuous, though, with an 8,700-vote deficit.”

Read the full story here.

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