Nightly Number Crunch-Dayton Lead Grows

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Mark Dayton

Mark Dayton - Campaign Photo

With about 70 percent of the vote recounted, Mark Dayton continues to widen his lead in the recount of Minnesota’s Gubernatorial election.  The Secretary of State’s website shows Tom Emmer has lost one vote in the recount so far and Dayton has gained 28.  However, Dayton has likely picked up hundreds of votes more since challenged ballots are not included in that total.  Emmer’s campaign has challenged 597 ballots and Dayton has challenged 143 ballots. While some of those ballots may not be awarded to either candidate, if you assume that the ballots challenged by Emmer were really votes for Dayton and vice versa Dayton has picked up 625 votes to Emmer’s 142 votes or a net gain of 483 votes for Dayton.  That means Dayton’s lead could be as much as 9,253.

Missing from the Secretary of State’s report are updated totals for Wabasha County which should have finished counting today. Most of the counties in Minnesota have finished the recount.   Only nine counties will be recounting ballots on Wednesday. They are Anoka, Carlton (which has 1 precinct left to count), Dakota, Hennepin, Polk, St. Louis, Stearns, Washington and Wright counties.

The counties with the most votes remaining to recount are:
Hennepin 327,358
Ramsey 114,454
Dakota 67,719
Anoka 55,103
St. Louis 33,950
Washington 17,866
Stearns 12,518

Ramsey County plans to be done recounting on Friday. Hennepin County, which has nearly three times as many ballots remaining, should be done on Monday—although election workers may have to work the weekend to hit that goal.

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