Nightly Number Crunch-Emmer Unable To Cut Into Dayton Lead

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Hundreds of Republican challenges may be preventing Democrat Mark Dayton from showing much of a gain in the Secretary of State’s numbers from day three of the recount, but Republican Tom Emmer is not making up any of the nearly 9,000 vote margin between the two candidates for Minnesota Governor.  The nightly update of numbers from the Secretary of State’s office show that Dayton has picked up 17 votes in the recount and Emmer has picked up 14.  However, Emmer’s campaign has challenged 679 ballots while Dayton has challenged only 163 ballots. See the Minnesota recount totals on our county-by-county spreadsheet.

Only five counties will still be counting on Thursday.  Hennepin County which has the most left to count is expected to be done by Saturday.

Counties and remaining ballots:

Hennepin 224,725
Ramsey 69,700
Dakota 21,926
Anoka 14,997
St. Louis 5,531

Michael McIntee

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