Dayton Withdraws “Frivolous” Challenges, Asks Canvassing Board To Act

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Marc Elias during Coleman Franken Recount Dec. 23, 2008

Marc Elias during Coleman Franken Recount Dec. 23, 2008

Mark Dayton attorney Marc Elias says the Tom Emmer campaign has been “disrespectful” of the recount process with the thousands of ballot challenges it has made. Most of those challenges have been deemed “frivolous” by election officials. In a letter sent to the State Canvassing Board, Elias asks the board to “put an end to this irresponsible conduct, bring the recount to an orderly conclusion, and promptly certify the results of this election”.

The letter also said Dayton would withdraw all 42 of the ballot challenges it has made that election officials have deemed “frivolous”.

The Canvassing Board is meeting tomorrow at 2pm to discuss the thousands of frivolous challenges.
Letter from Dayton Attorney Marc Elias To State Canvassing Board

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