Nightly Number Crunch-Challenges Mask Real Totals In MN Recount

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It’s not what the vote total is, it’s what it will be. That’s been the key to tracking what’s going on in the Minnesota Gubernatorial recount. The raw numbers as of Thursday night show Mark Dayton ahead by nearly 10,300 votes. That’s up several thousand from the 8,770 vote lead he had before the recount started. But Dayton’s lead will drop Friday and Saturday as Hennepin County finishes its counting. There are about 3,000 more Emmer ballots to recount in Hennepin County than there are Dayton ballots. In Ramsey County it’s reversed. There are about 1,500 more Dayton ballots to recount than there are Emmer ballots. This is why the number to track is how many ballots have been added or subtracted for each candidate. Tonight those numbers are:
Emmer +53
Dayton -17
That puts Dayton up by 8,700 votes.

But what’s missing in that number are the challenges. Emmer has made 735 challenges, Dayton just 175.
If even half of the Emmer challenges are originally Dayton votes, Dayton’s lead is around 9,000 which is what his campaign said it was last night.

There will only be two counties counting Friday. Ballots remaining in each:
Hennepin 124,878
Ramsey 16,813

Ramsey County Election Manager Joe Mansky was predicting they’d be done by 2pm Friday. At the rate they’re going they might be done before lunch. Hennepin County will be counting on Saturday and possibly Sunday and Monday to finish the job.

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