Dayton Campaign Says Lead Now 9,061

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Mark Dayton

Democrat Mark Dayton’s lead over Republican Tom Emmer continued to grow on day 4 of the Minnesota Governor’s race recount says the Dayton campaign.  Figures provided by the campaign which has been counting how each vote was originally called by the election judge show Dayton has picked up 435 votes while Emmer has an additional 144 votes. That’s a net gain for Dayton of 291 votes putting his lead at 9,061 votes.

On Thursday there were 557 challenges deemed “frivolous” by election officials. All but one of them came from the Emmer campaign.  The Dayton campaign announced late Thursday that it was withdrawing all frivolous challenges and encouraged the Emmer campaign to do the same.  Challenges that were accepted Thursday by election officials  as “legit” were 60 from the Emmer campaign and 15 from the Dayton campaign. 2,378 of the 3,143 frivolous challenges have occurred in Hennepin County with all but 19 of those from the Emmer campaign.

The State Canvassing Board takes up the frivolous challenge issue today at 2pm. You can watch the State Canvassing Board live here on The UpTake.

Dayton campaign provided numbers are below:

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