Emmer To Throw In Towel, Congratulate Governor-Elect Dayton

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Tom Emmer To Concede

There are multiple reports tonight that Republican candidate for Governor Tom Emmer will announce in the morning that he is conceding the Minnesota’s Governor’s race to Democrat Mark Dayton. Emmer is expected to make the announcement at 10:30 AM in his home town of Delano.

Prior to the announcement, the State Canvassing Board at 9 AM is scheduled to start examining disputed ballots from the close race. A recount found Dayton about 9,000 votes ahead once Emmer withdrew 671 ballot challenges today. It is very likely that lawyers for Emmer, and possibly Dayton will withdraw all challenges at the start of the meeting. That could shorten the three day meeting to less than three hours.

Emmer’s slim hopes of winning the election were dashed today when Minnesota’s Supreme Court explained why Emmer’s “reconciliation” argument didn’t hold up. The Emmer campaign had claimed that there might be more votes than voters in the November election.

The UpTake will have live coverage of events as they unfold tomorrow.

Michael McIntee

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