“Now The Real Work Begins”-Governor-Elect Dayton

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Democrat Mark Dayton says the election that has chosen him as Governor of Minnesota and elected a Republican majority in the Minnesota House and Senate had a message. He believes the collective wisdom of the electorate is that they want part of what each party has to offer.

“If we try to make each other look bad, ” said Dayton “we will fail the people of Minnesota.”

“Now the real work begins” said Dayton when asked what happens next.

Dayton said Republican candidate for Governor Tom Emmer called him at 10:10 AM to offer his congratulations. The two will have lunch this week.

Dayton is recruiting for positions within the administration and expects to make announcements about them soon. He says until now he has not been able to offer out positions.
Mark Dayton’s remarks- transcript

Dayton’s complete remarks:
This morning I received a telephone call from Representative Tom Emmer conceding the election for Governor of Minnesota. The day after the election, I received a similar call from Mr. Tom Horner. I thank them both for their gracious concessions, and I congratulate each of them on their principled and honorable campaigns.

I know from my own experience how difficult it is to dedicate your life and your family’s lives to the indescribable demands of a major statewide campaign; yet face a result, which is not what you have worked so long and hard for. It takes integrity and character to make the telephone call that each of them has made, and I admire them for doing so.

I want to thank all of the election officials throughout Minnesota, who worked hard on November 2nd and thereafter to assure and uphold the integrity of this election. I salute the State Canvassing Board, Secretary of State Ritchie and the four Judicial Members, for their leadership to assure all Minnesotans of the election’s honesty and accuracy.

And I salute Representative Emmer, who by his concession this morning re-affirmed the essential principle that in our democracy there can be a close election, which is re-examined and recounted carefully; yet then, all accept its result – so our that democracy can continue to function. That is a profoundly important legacy of your campaign, Representative Emmer, for which all of us owe you our respect and our gratitude.

I want to thank briefly just a few of the many, many people, without whose help I would not be standing here today. My two fantastic sons, Eric and Andrew Dayton: without your love and support, I could not have undertaken this campaign. After Andrew and Eric appeared prominently with me before the cameras on primary night last August, many people advised me that I would do better in the general election, if the people of Minnesota saw less of me and more of them! Their advice was excellent. You were both terrific campaigners; you’re extraordinary young men; and I am so very proud of both of you.

I thank my superb running mate, Minnesota’s next Lieutenant Governor, Yvonne Prettner Solon, who is away on a long-planned and much-deserved vacation. We forged an excellent partnership, which will enable our administration to better serve the people of Minnesota.

Words can never express the gratitude I feel toward my incredible campaign staff, led by the best Campaign Manager anyone ever had, Dana Anderson; my outstanding Deputy Campaign Managers, Katie Tinucci and Adam Prock; terrific Finance Director, Katie Clark; and everyone else.

To Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher and former Representative Matt Entenza: I am deeply grateful to you and other DFL leaders, who helped unite us all after our primary; to my family and friends, both personal and political, supporters and contributors; and to the many thousands of campaign workers and volunteers, who during both the campaign and the recount, contributed your time, your talents, and your enthusiasm. You made the difference! Thank you!

Most importantly, I want to thank the people of Minnesota who voted for me and have given me this chance to work for you, and to work with you, to build a Better Minnesota. To my fellow citizens, who voted for other worthy candidates, I will work equally hard for you. I was elected to serve ALL of Minnesota, to the very best of my ability; and I promise that I will do so.

To the 201 State Legislators, I extend my congratulations on your victories and my sincere willingness to work with you. We were all elected by the people of Minnesota to serve ALL the people of Minnesota. You were elected on your platforms and principles; I was elected on mine. I believe the collective wisdom of the electorate is that they want part of what each of us offers – and they want us to work together to solve the state’s budget crisis; put them back to work; put government to work for them; and for all of us to work together to build a Better Minnesota.

I pledge my willingness to work cooperatively and constructively with the legislature and its leaders of both parties, with local officials, with the business community, with labor, and with other civic leaders, to fulfill the People of Minnesota’s mandate. Doing so will require good will, hard work, and sincere willingness to listen to and learn from one another, to find our common ground, and to create shared solutions.

If we simply disregard and defeat each other’s proposals, and try to make each other look bad in the process, we will only cause unwanted gridlock and deadlock. More importantly, we will fail the People of Minnesota. They deserve our best and our success, because they need and deserve a Better Minnesota.

I will provide more details soon; but first let us share our best ideas and reach swift agreement on them to immediately improve Minnesota’s economy, help provide jobs for the Minnesotans who need them, and help create new and better jobs for our children and grandchildren. That is the first job, for which the people of Minnesota elected us to our jobs.

Let us work with Minnesota’s businesses, who are the principal job creators and the backbone of our economic growth. Let us work with Minnesota’s workers, farmers, teachers, and public employees, who manufacture the goods, grow the food, and deliver the services, upon which all of us depend.

Let us work together to reform how government works so that there is more accountability to taxpayers; so we can assure them that every one of their hard-earned tax dollars is being spent wisely and effectively. And I will continue to insist that those state and local tax dollars be collected more progressively, so that all Minnesotans pay their fair share for the essential services all Minnesotans need.

Finally, for today, I want to again thank the People of Minnesota. You know that we face very difficult decisions ahead. I know that they will not all be popular with all of you. So I want you to know that I will always do my very best to make the best possible decisions that I truly believe will create a better future for all of you, for your children and your grandchildren. I ask for all of your ideas, all of your talents, and all of your help. And I ask that we all work together to create a Better Minnesota for all of us.

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