Metrodome Replacement Deflation?

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Senator Geoff Michel

Senator Geoff Michel

Over the weekend after heavy snow, the Metrodome lost 4 of its 106 panels and deflated, but many now cite this a reason for more urgency for Metrodome replacement.

The today press asked : “Do we need a new Metrodome replacement?” Senator Geoff Michel batted the question back with maybe the strongest quote of the love-fest presser between Governor-Elect Mark Dayton and new GOP Senate Leaders Amy Koch and Michel. “The picture, the photo, the youtube is dramatic, but I don’t think it’s anymore dramatic or anymore urgent than the state of our economy. Our economy has deflated, our state jobs picture has flatlined, so we might have spent a minute and half today with Governor Dayton talking about the Metrodome.”–Senator Michel.

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