Coleen Rowley and 134 Others Arrested at White House

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Former FBI Agent Coleen Rowley was one of 17 Minnesotans demonstrating in front of the White House on Thursday, Dec. 16. She and seven other Minnesotans were arrested and charged by the Washington, D.C., police. All but two paid a $100 fine and were released. 135 people were arrested including Daniel Ellsberg and Chris Hedges. The group gathered at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue just as Washington’s first snow began to fall. Some protesters voluntarily locked themselves to the White House fence. Signed post cards from thousands of peace supporters were thrown over the White House fence.

More video: Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame joins in protest

In the above video, you can see Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame, and dozens of others chanting “peace now” and singing the Civil Rights song “We shall overcome” at the White House fence as snow fell on them, and as President Obama was unveiling a new report on the “progress” of the war in Afghanistan.

Here are photos of Daniel Ellsberg willingly being arrested, and more photos of the civil disobedience event. Ellsberg, who famously leaked the Pentagon Papers to national media in an effort to stop the Vietnam War, has called his modern-day equivalent, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange “a hero”.

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