Most Viewed UpTake Videos-Top 10 of 2010

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Target Shopper Takes Political Action

Target Shopper Takes Political Action

How much a video is viewed isn’t always a reflection of how good it is. Sometimes a video is viewed because a website with a lot of traffic posts it. Sometimes its viewed a lot because people hate it. And then sometimes we have no idea why so many people watched. Videos from The UpTake were viewed 2.9 Million times in 2010. That’s more than double our 1.2 Million total in 2009. So far the world has watched about 6 Million videos on The UpTake. Here are the 10 most watched videos the UpTake produced this year as measured by You Tube. Click on the video title in the above playlist to watch them.

They are:
1. Consumer Vents At Target For Right Wing Donation – 431,988 views – A little video that set off a nationwide consumer action against Target for donating to a group supporting a right-wing candidate who is anti-gay.

2. Inside The Metrodome:Gaping Hole In Roof – 79,606 views – This is one of two Metrodome roof deflation videos on the top ten viewed list. The UpTake was the first media organization to show live pictures from inside the dome after it fell from the weight of a blizzard.

3. Obama Faces GOP On It’s Talking Points – 61,602 views – President Obama turned the tide on the health care debate when he publicly faced GOP Senators and Representatives and factually dismantled the lies the GOP had been spreading on his health care reform package.

4.Ed Schultz “I’d Kick Their Ass” If I Ran For US Senate – 50,704 views – Talk show host Ed Schulz talks candidly at the Blue State Ball and says he’s not going to run for North Dakota’s open US Senate seat. An UpTake exclusive.

5.Obama Speech In Indonesia – Full Video – 39,300 views – President Obama returns to a country where he spent part of his childhood. The UpTake is one of the few channels that provides full video of Presidential addresses in addition to highlights. We believe you should have the option to see the entire event.

6. Obama State Of The Union- Full Speech -38,960 views – This was President Obama’s first State of The Union address.

7. Bob Dylan, Clint Eastwood Skip Obama Award Ceremony – 38,872 views – OK, we admit it. This got viewed because of the people in the title who won but were not at the National Medal Of Arts Awards ceremony.

8. Metrodome Collapses from Minnesota Blizzard – 31,561 views – The second Metrodome video on this list, this time the outside which apparently wasn’t as interesting to viewers as the inside.

9. Franken: Net Neutrality “Biggest Issue Since Freedom of Religion” – 28,812 views – The viewing numbers don’t reflect the hundreds of thousands of people who saw this clip from The UpTake featured on MSNBC. Senator Al Franken riles up the Netroots Nation on the topic of Internet freedom.

10. Obama/Congress Health Care Summit- Part 1– 28,113 views – The UpTake covered the entire full day health care summit that was instrumental in getting bipartisan agreement on the nation’s new health care law.

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