Christmas Gift Surprise In Baggage Claim For Spanair Passengers

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Gifts on Spanair baggage claim belt

Gifts on Spanair baggage claim belt

When is the last time you saw airline passengers break into applause in baggage claim? It happened after a Christmas Eve flight on Spainair. Passengers on the flight to from Barcelona to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain had a surprise waiting for them in baggage claim. On the conveyor belt wasn’t their luggage (that presumably came later) but gift packages with their names on them.

The airline picked personalized gifts for each passenger based on their profile. For the children: teddy bears, giant candy bars, toy horses, cars, and trumpets, puppets and costumes. For the adults: beauty products, cameras and hats.

The airline provided the gifts to the passengers on the last fight before Christmas as a special gesture for those who had no choice but to fly on Christmas Eve.

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