Nuke Push From MN GOP Likely To Get Shot Down

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Rep Kurt Zellers and Sen. Amy Koch talk about nuclear power

Rep Kurt Zellers and Sen. Amy Koch talk about nuclear power

A plan to lift Minnesota’s moratorium on building new nuclear power plants is on the Republican majority’s agenda for the 2011 legislative session. However, it is unlikely to become law.

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch reminded reporters that Republicans campaigned on removing the nuclear moratorium that has been in place since 1994. Last session, a similar proposal from Republicans passed in the Senate but failed on a 70-62 vote in the House because there is still no permanent storage solution for nuclear waste. But that was when the DFL was held majorities in both the House and the Senate.

Should such a measure pass in the 2011 session, it faces opposition and a likely veto from Governor-Elect Mark Dayton. During the campaign Dayton said “It would be highly irresponsible to subject future generations for thousands of years to come to our irresponsible inability to develop alternative energies that are going to require them to inherit that waste with no resolution at all”

Republicans would not be able to override Dayton’s veto. “The Republicans are far from a veto proof majority” said House Minority Leader Paul Thissen, ” and so I am confident that we are going to uphold any vetoes, the legislature is going to uphold any vetoes that Governor Dayton might issue.”

Below: Representative Thissen on vetoes:

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