Minneapolis Mayor Endorses Dayton’s “Adopt A School” Proposal

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Mike McIntee talks with Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak

During his inaugural address Governor Mark Dayton suggested that business should “adopt” a local school, helping out with funding, textbooks and the like. Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak was happy to hear the Governor bring up the topic. Rybak says Minneapolis has a program like it called “Achieve Minneapolis” and he wants to expand it.
“We’re already talking about ramping up our ‘adopt a school’ program, so I was thrilled to see that,” said Rybak. “The Governor’s call here can help us take it to the next step”.

Minneapolis’ program includes inviting business owners to be “principal for a day”.

Rybak was a candidate for the DFL Gubernatorial nomination. If things turned out differently, it could have been him taking the oath of office today. We asked the Mayor if that thought ran through his head during the ceremony.
“Yeah, but if things were different, a safe could have fallen on my head too. I think he (Dayton) will do a great job.”

Michael McIntee

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