Dayton Disarms Medicaid Protesters By Letting Them Speak in “People’s Room”

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Governor Dayton and 10th Amendment Supporter/Medicare Protester

One of Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton’s first acts as Governor was to sign a executive orders accepting early medical assistance funding from the federal government and rescinding Governor Tim Pawlenty’s order that prevented Minnesota for applying for federal health care dollars. Protesters against health care reform brought signs and were making a ruckus in the room. Governor Dayton quieted them by allowing their representatives to speak. He then signed the orders.

Below: Governor Dayton takes questions from the press:

Leave Health Care To Churches?Before Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed the executive order that would bring more federal health care dollars to the state, Jake McMillian of Bradlee Dean‘s controversial hard rock ministry You Can Run But You Cannot Hide. took to the podium to say that health care should be left up to churches.

“Where is the church to help these people? Because that’s the church’s job and duty: it’s social causes,” he said. “I don’t see where it is in the Constitution. It isn’t the government’s job is to do that, it’s for nonprofits organizations. It’s for the church to do what it rightfully does.”

Dayton’s executive order, he added, “has a ripple effect of destroying societies.” “I feel that this is a usurpation of authority here, because that’s what it is. It’s uncalled for and it’s unnecessary. If somebody can show me where I’m wrong constitutionally… but you probably won’t find somebody doing that today.”

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