Citizen Media Now Has A Seat In The Capitol Press Room

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Minnesota State Capitol Building Dome

Click on Capitol Dome to watch video

The UpTake's new office space has a very impressive roof

This week The UpTake becomes the first “on-line only” media organization to have an office in the Minnesota Capitol press room. The citizen-fueled, non-profit, non-partisan, news organization’s move into the press room had been delayed for nearly a year pending a review of Minnesota’s media space rental policy.

“It’s taken nearly a year, but the State of Minnesota made the right decision to recognize our First Amendment rights and we thank them for that,” said The UpTake’s Executive Director Jason Barnett. “We’re grateful for the outpouring of support from other Capitol press journalists that made this possible.”

The UpTake provides more live video coverage of events at the State Capitol complex than any other media organization in Minnesota. Having a desk in the press room will allow The UpTake to provide even more video coverage and constant news updates from the Capitol throughout the day.

“We look forward to working side-by-side with our press colleagues to provide the best possible, and most transparent, coverage of Minnesota’s government ,” said Barnett.

The UpTake is a non-profit non-partisan news organization that uses the Internet as its broadcast medium. Since its inception in late 2007, The UpTake has explored the frontier of social media and newsgathering. The UpTake uses a large, national network of professional and volunteer journalists to publish work on its own website, a large Twitter network, partnerships with You Tube, affiliated media outlets in the Media Consortium, the BBC, CNN and others. The UpTake is considered a pioneer in online live-broadcast participatory journalism.

Michael McIntee

Michael McIntee is a former network TV news executive with more than 30 years of broadcasting experience. He began his broadcasting career at the University of Minnesota's student radio station. He is an expert producer, writer, video editor who has a fondness for new technology but denies that he is a geek. More about Michael McIntee »

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