Rep. Zellers On PoliGraph False Rating: “I’ll Get Back To You”

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Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers is asked about a false rating from PoliGraph

Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers is asked about a false rating from PoliGraph

PoliGraph has rated a Minnesota Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers’ statement about a proposed tax increase as “false”.

In a February 18th email to constituents, Representative Zellers wrote about Governor Mark Dayton’s proposed income tax increase:
“These tax increases will fall disproportionately on job creators. Approximately 92 percent of small businesses pay their taxes through the individual income tax.”

PolitiGraph, which is published by the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs found Representative Zeller’s claim an “exaggeration”. The site says “It is false that most small businesses would be hit by the new tax, as Zellers’ claim implies; only 11 percent would feel the effect.”

Today, The UpTake asked Representative Zellers about the report. He said:
“92 percent pay is what I was saying. And I haven’t seen it (the PoliGraph report). You’re the first one to ask me about it. I’m always happy to be corrected by the Humphrey Institute, a fine University of Minnesota product. Happy to take… But what I’m talking about is small business owners who have come to us time and time again and said ‘you know you may say that I qualify in one little niche this way, but I’m going to pay it and there’s one or two things that are going to happen. I’m going to close my business or I’m going to have to leave the state.’ So I’ll be happy to look at it. I haven’t seen it yet. But I’d be happy to look at it and get back to you.”

An assistant from Representative Zellers’ office has promised to email The UpTake more information about this.

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