Sen Koch Unsure If GOP School Cuts Will Target Cities- But They Do

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Senator Amy Koch On School Integration Funding

Senator Amy Koch On School Integration Funding

Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch (R-St. Michael) is asked if cutting Local Government Aid and school integration funding is unfairly attacking the state’s cities. Koch replies that integration funding goes to all of the state’s school districts. Pressed on the issue, she says she doesn’t know the percent of a student body that is eligible for the integration funding in each district. If the percentages are not the same statewide, then the cuts wold be unequal. She says that she is “keeping an eye” on the issue.

Moments later Senate Assistant Minority Leader Terri Bonoff (DFL-Minnetonka) answered the question that Senator Koch let unanswered. Yes cuts to school integration funding hurt the cities more than other areas of Minnesota. Video of Senator Bonoff’s answer.

Will Minnesota cities be hit harder by Republican cuts to school integration funds? Assistant Senator Minority Leader Terri Bonoff (DFL-Minnetonka) answers the question that Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch (R-St. Michael) avoided and says yes. She says Minneapolis and St. Paul get more per pupil on integration aid. She says the problem is the state doesn’t know if integration aid is actually boosting student achievement. She says developing tools to figure that out is where reform should be going.

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