Statewide Hurt For Not Taxing Rich Is Wrong Says Rep Slocum

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Rep. Linda Slocum

Rep. Linda Slocum

Representative Linda Slocum delivers an emotional speech on why it is wrong for the Republicans to impose “statewide hurt” because they won’t tax the state’s wealthiest at the same rate everyone else pays.

“I won’t be voting for this bill either. I find it wrong on many levels. This bill raids accounts and funds that are dedicated to other purposes. That’s wrong. This bill undercuts collective bargaining rights for people in the correctional retirement plan. That’s wrong. This bill eliminates appropriate funding for proven programs for victims of violence in our state. That’s wrong. The bill diminishes the civil rights department, it’s ability to educate the public and employers in particular and given the Star Tribune article this morning, that’s wrong.

“My Republican colleagues, you know I respect you. We have differences of opinion. But you would rather roll out this bill that causes statewide hurt rather than ask five percent of Minnesotans to pay their fair share in taxes. That’s wrong!”

Michael McIntee

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