Your Water May Not Be Safe From Sulfide Mining

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Protesting Polymet Mining in Duluth

Protesting Polymet Mining in Duluth

Video by Kristen Larsen

Polymet Mining is trying to get the state of Minnesota to allow it to dig for copper nickel in northern Minnesota. The plan has been given the a very negative rating from the Environmental Protection Agency because what is being mined contains sulfur.

Why does sulfur matter so much?

When exposed to air, water and bacteria, sulfur forms sulfuric acid. Not only can it drastically change the pH of a water system, it tends to liberate heavy metals out of the rock and into the water such as mercury. This runoff, is known as AMD/ARD or Acid Mine Drainage/Acid Rock Drainage.

That threat to the waters of the St. Louis River, Lake Superior and beyond motivated protesters to show up at a mining convention in Duluth. In this video they outline what the problem is, how it can impact people beyond Duluth and express outrage that the legislature appears to be willing to let Polymet go ahead with the mining.

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