Kloppenburg Losing Ground In Wisconsin Recount

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Recounting Supreme Court election ballots in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Recounting Supreme Court election ballots in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Above video of Waukesha County recount by Tracey Pollock

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg is falling further behind as the state does a recount of the votes in her close election contest with Supreme Court Justice David Prosser.

Prosser had been comfortably ahead in the polls until Governor Scott Walker attempted to pass an anti-workers’ rights law in Wisconsin. Prosser has been closely aligned with Walker. The law, like Prosser’s future is in limbo as courts decide its fate.

On election night it appeared Kloppenburg had pulled an upset winning by a scant 200 votes. Two days later the clerk in Waukesha county said she had mistakenly forgot to include 14,000 votes in the total. The additional ballots gave Prosser a 7,316 vote victory.

With 12% of nearly 1.5 Million votes recounted Prosser has widened his pre-recount lead by an additional 33 votes. As common with recounts, both candidates have picked up more votes (Prosser 71, Kloppenburg 38) as hand counts of the ballots turn up votes the optical scanners failed to detect. Unlike Minnesota which also uses optical scanners, Wisconsin does not require a regular audit of its scanners to determine how well they are working.

The recount has been finished in 20 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. At this rate the recount will probably not be finished until May 9th. After the vote totals have been certified, the loser of the race may appeal to a judge appointed by Wisconsin’s Supreme Court. It is assumed that Prosser would not participate in that decision.

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