MN GOP Backs Off Claim That Dayton Proposal “Unconstitutional”

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Senator Amy Koch doesn't address the constitutionality question

Senator Amy Koch doesn't address the constitutionality question

A strange bit of Minneosta Republican political theater wilts under constant questioning from Minnesota Star Tribune reporter Rachel Stassen-Berger.

Republicans had issued a document claiming Governor Mark Dayton’s proposal to get reports from the House and Senate conference committees on the budget was unconstitutional. Stassen-Berger questions first Representative Matt Dean who brings in Representative Doug Wardlow, who is then rescued by Senator Geoff Michel who also can’t answer the question. Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch then tries to explain why it is unconstitutional but can’t give an answer. Finally Representative Matt Dean steps in again and backs off of the “unconstitutional” claim but says Gov Dayton’s approach “new” and likely to fail.

Representative Wardlow has tried to position himself as a constitutional expert once before on the House floor. Wardlow’s argument of how the 10th amendment allowed states to reject certain laws was debunked at the time by House Minority Leader Paul Thissen.

Michael McIntee

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