MN GOP Unity Wavers On Anti-Gay Constitutional Amendment

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A anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment is one step closer to a vote on the Minnesota Senate floor, but what has been unanimous support from Republican legislators appears to be fraying.

Senator Julianne Ortmann (R-Chanhassen) today voted to table the bill instead of sending it to the Senate floor. The roll call vote in the Senate Rules committee failed by a 6-5 margin and then the bill was sent to the Senate floor on a voice vote. Senator Ortman has been somewhat supportive of Gay issues in the past.

According to the Log Cabin Republicans, about a year ago Ortman spoke in favor of marriage equality saying:

“…when I first heard marriage bills in this committee in 2003 and 2004 and they were the most painful hearings at the capitol that I recall. When the whole discussion was about whether the constitution should be amended to become a sword, to hurt people, to identify people as different and create disparities. And it was a terribly painful conversation for us to have around here and one that was very difficult to hear…I hear a very hopeful debate, hopeful that the state will recognize folks with a change in the law.

” …the whole debate has changed 180 degrees and for that I’m so grateful; I’m certain that you all must be….And I see that minds and hearts are changing on this issue every single day. I don’t know when the majority of Minnesotans will switch, will change, will support your views. I don’t know that. But I know minds and hearts are changing on this issue every single day.”

Michael McIntee

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