Pile Of Snow Proves No Global Warming/Climate Change Says Drazkowski

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Representative Kate Knuth displays studies on climate change

Representative Kate Knuth displays studies on climate change

Representative Kate Knuth (DFL-Fridley/New Brighton) brings out a large box of scientific evidence from government organizations, including one that former Governor Tim Pawlenty set up to counter Republican assertions that global warming or climate change doesn’t exist. The House was debating a bill that repealed restrictions on coal buring. Republicans want to remove language that “human-caused greenhouse gas emissions contribute significantly to global climate change and pose challenges”.

Knuth points out the “scientific” sources Republicans have been using are not really scientific, but political.Knuth says when a general pattern of more severe weather happens, we should be concerned about the effect of man-made global warming.

Representative Steve Drazkowski (R- Mazeppa) is unconvinced. He points to a pile of snow that is still in the Sears parking lot on May 11th as proof that global warming and climate change doesn’t exist. Knuth responds that more snow is one of the results of climate change because a warmer atmosphere will have more moisture, and therefore more snow in it. Minnesota had one of the snowiest seasons on record this past winter.

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