Subsidizing 2nd Homes For Rich? Then Subsidize Abortions For Poor.

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Representatives David Thompson and Ron Latz debate abortion funding

Democratic Senator Ron Latz challenges the premise of Republican Senator David Thompson’s arguments that abortion funding should be limited because some taxpayers don’t want their tax dollars going toward abortion services.

Latz says he wouldn’t want to see his tax dollars go to pay for a tuition tax credit for catholic school students. He says he has a moral and religious objection to use public dollars for religious education.

“Do I have the right to opt out?” He says he wouldn’t want his tax dollars to go pay for the mortgage interest deductions on someone’s second home. “I just don’t think that’s appropriate… if someone can afford to buy a second home, they can afford to pay the interest on the mortgage without the taxpayers subsidizing that purchase. I personally object to that, but I don’t have the right to opt out.”

The “road to chaos and inequality”

Latz also mentions the war in Iraq that killed thousands.

He says using that argument against abortion funding would “open up a long laundry list” of issues to discuss. Latz says eliminating abortion funding would effectively be a ban for people who can’t afford it. He says before abortion was legalized, the people who could afford it found ways to have a safe abortion.

“As soon as you defund this thats in front of us right now, a safe medical procedure in an institution that is sanitary, where the medical providers are trained and licensed and accredited, you immediately raise the health risk. Perhaps the permanent disfigurement, the permanent inability for a woman later in life or a different time of her choice to have a child. You may cause all sorts of other health problems, and yes she may end up dying.

We don’t want to go there members. We don’t want to go there. I think that’s appropriate. This is in effect a health care decision. And if we’re going to start picking and choosing which medical procedures are available to the poor, or not available to the poor, but are available to others in our health care system, we again start down a long road that leads to nowhere but chaos and inequity.”

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