Rep. Huntley: We’ve Come A Long Way Baby and I Don’t Want To Go Back

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A controversial prayer on the eve of a House vote on an anti-gay marriage bill may not have changed a lot of minds, but it did open a lot of mouths. Representative Thomas Huntley (DFL-Duluth) gave a surprise speech Saturday night in opposition to the gay marriage amendment. 48 years ago when Representative Huntley was married, many people frowned upon him for marrying a woman in another religion. And they certainly did not accept the mixed-race that produced President Obama, Representative Huntley said. However, times have changed. And in the past 48 years, mixed-religious or mixed-race weddings have become things that are no longer frowned upon or, even, illegal. He says that the gay marriage amendment would take Minnesota back 48 years and that is not something that he wants.

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