Walmart Bans Anti-Gay Pastor

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Bradlee Dean delivers "prayer" on Minnesota House Floor

Bradlee Dean delivers "prayer" on Minnesota House Floor

Controversial Pastor Bradlee Dean’s “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide” ministry can neither run nor hide anymore outside of Walmart’s doors.
Dean was banned from the Minnesota House chamber on Friday after delivering a “prayer” that implied President Barack Obama was not a Christian.

Dean’s ministry raises nearly half of its annual $1 Million budget from “Street Teams” such as the one Bluestem Prairie spotted outside of Walmart in Hutchinson, Minnesota. The “Street Team” was none too happy about being documented fundraising at Walmart even though they had the store’s permission to do so. One of the fundraisers called the police to complain about the video taping. Police declined to intervene.

However, Walmart did intervene. According to City Pages, Walmart says the group was using a false name to fundraise and now has banned it from setting up tables outside the store.

Dean’s group is scheduled to have a fundraising booth at the Minnesota State Fair this August. State Fair officials told reporter Ken Avidor:

Please understand that the Minnesota State Fair, as a state agency, neither condemns nor supports the views presented by this or any other organization that exhibits at the fair. We do support, however, the right of groups and individuals to speak freely and express their views, regardless of how distasteful those views may be to some in our guest audience.

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